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Buying an industrial CNC machine could require a six-figure investment, and sometimes the investment approaches the seven-figure mark. CNC equipment offers several advantages over conventional equipment, such as greater cutting accuracy, greater production capacity, and reduced waste pieces, to name just a few. However, its high price means that many woodworkers must buy it in pre-owned condition. Is shopping for computer-controlled equipment as used woodworking machinery for sale a good idea? When they learn the answers to the questions below, most woodworkers say yes:

What is the standard discount for pre-owned CNC equipment?

Most pre-owned CNC equipment receives a discount of at least twenty-five percent off the original price, and the discount may exceed fifty percent. When the equipment is reconditioned, buying it is essentially like getting a new machine for the price of a used one.

What does the reconditioning process accomplish?

Reconditioning restores equipment to topnotch condition by replacing worn and damaged parts, cleaning the equipment inside and out, and resolving major cosmetic problems. These measures make the equipment look and perform like new.

What is the average lifespan for a reconditioned machine?

The lifespan for reconditioned equipment varies. The reconditioning process can easily add a decade or more to the lifespan of a CNC machine, but the machine’s remaining lifespan at the time of reconditioning also determines how long it remains useful. Most sellers are happy to discuss the probable lifespan of a particular machine.

How should sellers of pre-owned equipment be evaluated?

Finding quality used woodworking machinery for sale starts with finding a reputable seller. Several characteristics define a reputable seller, the most important of which are:

  • At least two years of successful business
  • A Better Business Bureau (BBB) record with no unresolved complaints
  • A facility where equipment is inspected, reconditioned, and tested
  • Specialization in reconditioning and selling pre-owned equipment

When a seller possesses these characteristics, and its references give positive reviews of its equipment and service, it should be considered reputable.

Do sellers offer warranties on refurbished equipment?

Some sellers offer warranties on refurbished equipment, while other sellers do not. In terms of investment protection, the warranty for a pre-owned machine typically means less than the condition of the machine. If the equipment will be operated after the warranty period expires, the focus should be on buying the best equipment, not on buying the equipment with the best warranty.

Do sellers offer ongoing technical support?

Most sellers provide technical support to customers, the level of which varies from seller to seller. In most cases, the customer receives pre-sale technical support from the seller to help select the right equipment, and receives post-sale support from in-house maintenance technicians or a service that provides scheduled maintenance.


Buying a new, industrial CNC machine often requires more money than woodworkers have to spend. Consequently, they shop for computer-controlled equipment as used woodworking machinery for sale. As the answers above demonstrate, buying CNC equipment secondhand does not mean the equipment will be unreliable. When properly reconditioned, most pre-owned CNC hardware offers the same reliability as new hardware.

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