Best Way to Make Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup

This is it! You’ve met the person. And it is time to introduce them to the family. So the easiest thing to do is to invite them for dinner. However, they want you to make great aunt Betties Chicken noodle soup, and your significant other is a vegan. So somehow you need to convert great aunt Betties chicken noodle soup into a vegetarian chicken noodle soup.

Possible? Well, with a bit of lateral thinking it may just be. So go to dig out that old recipe and let’s have a look.

Right, for your sake I hope it is not one of those recipes that includes the use of a chicken carcass, cause then you are in the stew pot.

Okay scan the ingredients on the list. Somewhere there, there will be mention of chicken meat and chicken stock. These you can substitute with faux chicken meat and stock. And if you have been dating your other half for long enough now, you should be familiar with no meat section of your local grocer. So if it’s not looked out for the Osem and Telma brands, and for the “meat” check out or

The right next Ingredients to substitute is the noodles. Replace these with Shirataki angel hair noodles. So why replace the noodles? Standard egg noodles used in chicken noodle soup contain egg and is therefore, not a vegetarian, but you knew that didn’t you?

Okay follow the recipe but exclude the noodles. Shirataki noodles should be added a few minutes before serving the soup. Therefore, open rinse and chop them so that they are handy to go into the pot before serving. 5-7 minutes should do.

So why add Shirataki noodles and not another brand? Well, Shirataki noodles are 100% organic. They not only help to add bulk to the meal, they also add fibre. Fibre that is very useful, just in case should someone happens to remember great aunt Betties’ chicken noodle soup to be feeling. You are planning on making it feeling right.

Who knows maybe one day you will let them in on the dietary benefits of Shirataki noodles? And how if used regularly they can help you lose weight quickly and naturally. But for now let’s just stick to introducing your significant other and feeding everyone.

Do not add the noodles and cook for a while. As they will tend to become rather chewy thus resulting in everyone resembling cows chewing their cuds at the table.

Before the imminent arrival of your family informs your partner of your doings. It does not help having everyone sit down in front of a faux chicken soup, and having to listen to your family rave on about great aunt Betties real chicken noodle soup, whist they wonder if it is or isn’t, eying the salad with determination.

It may not be bone fide chicken noodle soup, it will, however, be just as nutritious. It will smell and taste like real chicken noodle soup so tries it.

And if all this is too complicated or seems also much trouble, phone the family and inform them of your other half’s eating habits. Then there will be no need for you to convert great aunt Betties soup into a vegetarian chicken noodle soup. It will be causing yourself untold stress in the process.

Source by Deann Burnaugh

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