Avocados for Improved Personal Health

Although Avocado’s are widely believed to be a vegetable, they are actually a fruit. The health benefits of Avocados are astounding. Anyone looking to add a delicious option to their diet should call upon the weight loss help of avocados.

The avocado tree is native to Puebla, Mexico. Typically, Avocado’s are grown in tropical climates such as: Mexico, Hawaii and Florida. Avocado’s are also grown in some temperate regions such as: California and Texas.

There are many different kinds of avocados, including: Bacon, Fuerte, Gwen, Hass, Pinkerton, Reed and Zutano. However, the Hass variety can be preferred year-round and is generally preferred amongst chefs. At one point in time, avocados were thought to be unhealthy due to their high levels of fat. Actually, this isn’t true, because the fats in avocados are healthy fats essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improved personal health. Studies have shown that unless key nutrients, like antioxidants, are consumed along with fat, the body will barely be able to retain these vital nutrients.

Avocado’s are also very high in fiber and contain twice the amount of potassium than a banana does. Fiber is extremely important to providing weight loss help because it helps you feel fuller longer. So, although it comes high in fat, it actually helps you cut calories. Avocados will also help you lower your cholesterol levels.

Whether you’re making guacamole or adding them to your salad, there is no doubt that avocados are a sure bet to help you improve your personal health.

When selecting an avocado, look for the avocados that are heavy for their size. This indicates that there is a sufficient amount of moisture in the avocado. Also, the avocado should be soft enough to yield to slight pressure from the thumb. If it yields to much then it is overripe. The skin of the avocado should not have any tears or bruises on it.

Make sure you was the avocado before you use it. When you are ready to use it, cut it in half, lengthwise, down and around the pit. Then, twist and pull both haves of the avocado apart. Remove the pit, separate the avocado from the skin and enjoy!

I have included avocados in my weight loss help series that lists ten of the best superfoods out there. Be sure to check the whole list for nutrition facts, health benefits, recipes and more on my selection of the top 10 superfoods.

Source by Brent Hale

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