Amway VS CCP {awesome|amazing|Great|Special}

I want to discuss the main 2 differences between these 2 companies for you and allow you to make the right decision. So lets get started.


Is an MLM company offering you nutritional and health products which you can make a tiny commission from each time you make a sale. It is a good opportunity if you can get a lot of prospects and make tons of sales daily. If not then you will never earn a huge income to sustain yourself.

How can you get enough prospects and make the sales to earn the income of your dreams? You need marketing education! Unfortunately this company does not offer much marketing education. You must learn that for any business you start you must learn how to market properly and in a way that will drive tons of traffic towards you and your business.


Is a Direct Sales company offering wealth building and financial products and services which pays you huge commissions per sale. You can run this from home because they offer the best marketing education and tons of it which can help you drive unlimited amounts of customers to you.

Unlike the first company discussed you do not need to chase or run after anybody because they do not teach you any marketing, but with CCP you can be learning marketing methods and techniques that will drive tons of traffic to you and you never have to chase anyone or try to sell anyone!

So just to summarize the main 2 differences: The marketing education must be there and in a way to teach you exactly how to master a method online that works and use it in your business. Second the product line must pay you huge commissions in order to get the results you need to sustain yourself and of course must be beneficial to everyone!

Source by Elie Nassour

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