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With the current economic condition, finding the extra money to supplement your current income is challenging. Many people has resorted to home based businesses as an option for generating the extra money so as to manage with the current inflation. There are plenty of home based businesses to choose from. There is affiliate marketing, data entry, transcription, marketing and advertising, and anything to do with writing and graphical imaging. However, these jobs require you to put in a lot of efforts and if you are planning to do these as a part time job, then you are in for a surprise. You will fail most probably.

In affiliate marketing, you are competing with millions of other affiliate marketers also searching to find a niche market and promoting a product. Furthermore, the different methods of marketing that you have to do. For instance, searching and bidding on the keywords that sell, writing and submitting articles to generate traffics, blogging, writing sales copies, and so forth. Imagine you are doing these as a part time job and you are competing with people who make a living with them. This is the reason why you will not succeed.

What if there is a better way of generating the extra money? A way that does not require you to sacrifice your job and time but still you are accumulating the extra money steadily. What if you can put this money making method on automatic while you attend to your own life? Sounds too good to be true? Actually, there is a way. Let me share my experience. Automated forex trading might be the answer for you.

On Aug 5, 2008, I bought Forex Tracer from for $97. Forex Tracer is a forex trading robot that runs on your PC with MetaTrader 4 (MT4), a forex trading platform, as an expert advisor. Initially, I was skeptical of it, as it could be a scam. I downloaded both the software and MT4, in a few minutes they were up and running. The package included a demo account with $5,000 “play money” with MT4 for the 60-day money back guarantee test. After completing the system setup, I left it running while I do my own work.

For the first 3 days, the robot made $690. This is amazing! I thought. So, I began playing with the robot set up like applying it to 4 forex markets in MT4 at once. The next day of trading the forex robot generated $1,171: $600 Euro/USD market, $300 in GBP/USD market, and $271 in Yen/USD market. $1,861 was made in 4 days of trading. The best part of all, it was being done automatically. I had done nothing.

I am amazed and excited with what forex trading robot did in just 4 days. I would have not entered a forex market myself, as I knew that forex market is highly volatile and risky. However, with Forex Tracer forex trading robot, trading has been a breeze. I highly recommend forex trading robots as one of the home based businesses for you to consider.

Source by Amril Haq Mohamad

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