A Travelogue From a Vacation in Loire – Luynes, Bourguiel and Chateau D’Usse


The first place we agreed to meet today was in Luynes. It was very quiet, but a charming village. About 5000 people live here. I guess most of them were sleeping in this morning.

A thing that I’ve noticed several places in France is that the butcher and the flower shop is always open after church time on Sundays. I’m sure it must be convenient, both for the one who will make a family Sunday dinner, and the visitor who needs to bring flowers.

Next stop was actually planned in Langais, (which has a castle of course). There was a market in town that particular day and it was completely impossible to find a parking spot for the car, so we drove on to Bourgueil.

Lunch in Bourgueil

Bourgueil is an even smaller town then Luynes, only about 4000 inhabitants according to Wikipedia.

We had a delicious, three-course lunch at Hotel L’Ecu de France. There was a delicate hour d’oeuvres buffet as a starter. And I had a fish dish as a main course, some kind of white fish with different kid of vegetables. Finn had a meat dish, with the exact same vegetables:) Dessert was a choice of either ice cream or cake of the day.

The lunch took about two hours, but we had a great time and enjoyed each others company.

Chateau d’Usse

The time has come for our first visit to a castle in Loire. Chateau d’Usse is not the biggest or most beautiful in the Loire Valley, but it certainly has it’s charm. It is located in the commune Rigney-Usse. They say that this was one of many castles that inspired Walt Disney in creation of the many Disney Castles.

There is also a beautiful chapel next to the castle. The castle was built in the 15′-16’th century. And it is still inhabited to this day by its owners.

After a nice walk around the garden and the chateau, it was time to start on the way back to Tours. We drove/cycled along road D7 through Villandry, which also has a castle of course. You can read more about Chateau Villandry in the post from Aug 27th. We only took a short break to get some snacks and fill the water bottles.

Back in Tours we had dinner at an Italian restaurant, at the corner of Rue Bordeaux and Place Juan Jaures. I had Pizza and Finn had Carbonara. Not exactly a gourmet meal, but not bad either.

Source by Kristin Skjaeringrud

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