A Great Shampoo That Makes Your Hair Grow Faster

We all like to have fresh, clean hair and many will wash their hair on a daily basis to get the look. It is not a wise idea however to wash it every day as it strips your hair of its natural oils. The hair needs these oils in order to grow healthy and keep it strong.

While looking for the best shampoo to make your hair grow faster, try the hibiscus-based shampoo from Mira Herbals. Hibiscus flowers in fact are the only flower known to boost anagen or the growth phase of the hair by up to 30%. The best time to use hibiscus is when it is freshly extracted to get the most out of it.

The best shampoo to use to grow your hair fast is Maraby’s GRO shampoo, which is based on arjuvedic formula. An all-natural compound known for promoting hair growth, make sure your shampoo contains it.

Other helpful tips for promoting hair growth include

· Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day.

· Try to avoid eating any form of junk food, including fast food.

· Do not pull or tug on your hair. You could pull the hair out by the roots, or at the very least damage the root.

· Give your head a nice soothing massage every day. Flip your head upside down and massage under your hair at least twice a day.

· Try braiding your hair. This actually makes it stronger and helps it to grow faster too.

· you will want to make sure to give yourself a good trim every two to three months. This will help keep your hair neat and easier to maintain.

· Start taking vitamins daily, especially biotin. Vitamins keep you and your hair healthy and helps your hair grow.

· Wash your hair every other day instead of every day. Keep the natural oils on your head instead of washing them away.

· Do not style your hair with heated tools like curling irons and blow dryers. The heat will only succeed in damaging the fragile hair.

· Maintain a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables every day.

· Add almonds, peanuts and vitamin C to your diet.

· Put your hair into a ponytail a couple times a week. This really does help your hair grow faster, as well as protects it.

· Get enough protein in your diet. Hair is mostly made up of protein so this is an important tip.

· Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night, 8 hours for the best results.

· Start an exercise program on a daily basis. Not only is getting your body moving good for your health, it’s good for hair growth.

· Don’t over diet. Avoid dramatic weight loss by eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and other nutrition-filled foods.

· Stress can make your hair start to fall out, so relax and give yourself a break more often.

· Finally, use Mira hair oil and shampoo for faster hair growth. It’s easy to find on the web

And there you have it a few proven ways to makes your hair grow faster

Source by John Mentis

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