5 Benefits of Chalkboard Bottle Labels

Change is the only thing which is permanent as a cliche. However, in this context one cannot think of anything else. When the change is positive and is not just a fad, it is worth considering it.

Using a chalkboard bottle label

If you are a home brewer, you would probably find a problem that you just cannot get rid of – the problem of keeping a note of all the ingredients you used. It’s a lot difficult to know the dates the beers were made if what you write gets erased. What is there was an easier way out of this mess? Did you know that if you are looking for a bottle label that is actually one of the best out there, you need to look for one of those that is waterproof? Here is what a waterproof bottle label can do.

Chalkboard bottle labels help you bring about the positive change in the world of conventional and traditional labeling. No change is accepted without tangible benefit from the existing status quo.

So let us see why and how, changing to chalkboard bottle labels is beneficial.

1.) The primary benefit chalkboard bottle labels brings with it is durability. Conventional labels have a one-time use and are not reusable, whereas these can be used over and over again and hence saves you money and time.

2.) The next benefit is it is easy to apply the label to the bottle unlike the existing methods which is messy and leaves patches behind in case you try removing it from the bottle saves you time and effort.

3.) The other benefit is you can rewrite on the label by simply erasing off the content on the surface when written by special temporary markers provided with the labels. So this can help you retain the label on the same bottle and rewrite the contents on it with great ease.

4.) Remember this is almost a one-time investment and saves a lot of unnecessary expenditure time and again saving money on the long run.

5.) The polished beautiful gift quality labels keep getting better by the day adding value to the brand unlike the conventional ones which deteriorate with time. As a brand building exercise you can rely on this unique product.

The above benefits make your choice of chalkboard bottle labels a wise one saving time and money allowing you to focus and attend to other major concerns.

Source by Sharmistha Chanda

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