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Fishing boats made of aluminum are more long-lasting and the maintenance is much easier when required, so this makes it a very good reason to buy aluminum fishing boats. An aluminum boat with a welded hull, is much sturdier compared to a fiberglass one. These boats are also simpler to maintain, customize and in case changes are needed for a retrofit.

Aluminum structure is the first choice of most boating fans and also of those who handle government boats. These boats are used in various sizes as fishing boats, and are the standard material accepted for top of the class lavish yachts.

1. Aluminum is a stronger material for boat building

More than 50% of the boats in the United States are built of aluminum. Aluminum is a flexible material for building of boats. Some of the boats are not too big, and are thin-hulled crafts secured with metal fasteners or rivets, while some have solid welded divisions of aluminum. There is a higher ratio of strength to weight in aluminum built boats and is also a great damage resistant material. These boats also weigh less than the other boats.

2. Aluminum boats are light weight

Fishing boats made of aluminum give better performance, like less fuel consumption, greater speed, and a larger payload. This is a tougher metal and can endure much more than steel or fiberglass. It can withstand much greater impacts. Whereas steel or fiberglass would rupture with some forceful blows, aluminum would only dent. The brittle nature of fiberglass makes it more susceptible to cracking.

3. Repair work is cheaper and easier

Boats made of aluminum are also much simpler to repair than those made of fiberglass, with a foam liner. Dents made in the aluminum can be beaten outwards with a hammer, and if required, some parts of the plate could be sawed away and replaced. The boat owner does not feel the pinch on his pocket or time as the repairs are not expensive and do not take much time either.

4. Aluminum not a flammable material

Another major plus point is the fact that unlike fiber glass, aluminum is not a flammable material and does not catch fire. Although fiberglass boats are processed with a flame-inhibiting resin, in case the boat catches fire it will burn easily, but the aluminum boat will not. Aluminum does not corrode as a metal, which makes it all the more suitable for fishing expeditions in salt water.

It is easy to have an aluminum bat custom built but not a fiber glass one which is built in a mold and cannot be altered in any way without spending a lot of money. For the aluminum boat, to alter a design means cutting and making the changes and then welding it together in a brand new design. With the present day techniques of computer drafted design, it is beneficial to have an aluminum boat where you can alter the design and have a custom built boat.

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